Pit Viper X Folsom Skis TRN TEK 201 Pro

Pit Viper X Folsom Skis TRN TEK 201 Pro

Let’s get this Straight.

We’ve got our hands on the groundbreaking custom TRN TEK skis from Folsom. Smart buyers are adding them to their cart right now. Nerds are still looking for “specs,” “techs,” and “turtlenecks.” 


The only spec you need to know: 
-69mm width underfoot. Need more than that? You fool. 
-The ONLY new straight ski on the market since 1993.
-Moderate tip rocker for floating in soft snow, camber underfoot for rock hard stability at full turbo speeds.
-Sub sandwich construction with a full maple wood core with carbon fiber stringers for additional rebound and performance. 
-Printed on a porous sintered base so it sucks up wax like my doctor had to when I forgot to buy Q-tips for a whole year.  

Dimensions (92mm, 69mm, 82mm)

Turning Radius (53m)