Xtreme Blue Jeans Dayman

Xtreme Blue Jeans Dayman

Pit Viper Innovations (PVI) is proud to present Xtreme Blue Jeans (XBJs). These aren't your girlfriend's BJs.

The denim-gaiter integrated system combines tough, technical, waterproof lowers and the form-fitting, unmistakable sex appeal of blue jeans.


  • Fart Release Technology™
  • One central zippered vent
  • Trusted [redacted] brand denim construction
  • Jean Gaiter Integration
  • Pit Viper Patches -- can’t buy those, dickhead
  • Immovable belt loops -- at no extra charge, you're welcome
  • Performance
  • Available in ALL waist sizes*

*limited to sizes we made, with zero prior pant-selling experience


No these are not flannel or fleece-lined jeans. These are denim lined jeans. Layer accordingly. Size up if you need more layers.

Size out of stock?
Better get the next size up, and hurry. Xtreme Blue Jeans are limited as fuck, and this sunglass company had a hard time guessing what sizes you wanted. Will we restock? I don't know, maybe.