Frequently Asked Questions by Users
Turbo Adjustment E-Spot Adjustment

Q: Why are you sold out/When is the next restock?

A: We are very popular and very very cool. We will be restocking again SOON(ish). If you put your email in the box on their product page you will get a notification as soon as that item is available. Act fast, before we sell out again. 

Q: I didn’t get an order confirmation / tracking number?

A: Many mail services think we are inappropriate. Check your spam folder. Tracking numbers will send once your order has shipped out, and may also be hiding in your “spam” or “promos” folder.

Q: I need to return or exchange my Pit Vipers?

A: Set that up HERE!

Q: I returned something but haven't received a refund?

A: Give us 3-5 business days to process your refund after your return has been delivered!

Q: I need a new nose piece?

A: Email us with your original order number, exact model, and full shipping address. We will send you a new one free of charge.

Q: What size Pit Vipers should I buy?

A. Here is a Printable Wide Guide for sizing up your melon!

Q: My Pit Vipers don’t float?

A: Do fake boobs float? Sadly, no. Neither do our glasses. They are Float RESISTANT. If you lose them in the water that is your own damn fault.

Q: You sent me the wrong Pit Vipers!?

A: If your package came from somewhere other than this website, see next question. If your order confirmation did come from us and we screwed up, please send us a picture of the items you did receive and your order number. We will SHAME ourselves and make it right.

Q: Are you having a too-good-to-be-true 60/70% off sale? / Did I get scammed?

A: We are NOT having a sale that good. Scammers are out there, and can make their website look a lot like ours. We have noticed a recent influx of scam websites and are doing everything in our power to shut them down. We do not sell on wish or Amazon. Make sure that you're purchasing from us, or our authorised stockists. We also have an in depth guide on spotting & avoiding counterfeits.

**We have a FEW authorized sellers online, which you can review HERE. They will never pretend to be us or copy our website, unless their design team really drops the ball. 

Q: I have press questions.

A: By "press questions" we assume you mean you work for a newspaper, or journal, or tribune, or gazette, or something along those lines. If you're a hard hitting reporter, with big lamestream media questions for us, take them to info@ultrasporteu.com

Q: Are there price adjustments on sale items?

A: No. We do not do price adjustments on sale items.


Q: I need to make sure my order arrives before Christmas! Please don't let me ruin it

A: Way to be on top of things. That is supposing you aren't already too late. Best to select next day shipping... and don't leave it until the 20th December.


A: We are unable to change addresses once you place an order. Get it right the first time. Your best bet is to keep an eye on tracking, contact the local post office when it gets close, and request to pick it up in person. If that doesn’t work, email us with your order number and an explanation for how you managed to screw up so bad.

Q: When will my order ship?

A: Our sexy shipping team ships shades Monday thru Friday*. The shipping cut off for same-day shipping is at 12pm, and they do not work nights (we aren’t AmazonPrime). If you place an order Friday at 1:00pm, it will not ship until Monday. That includes Next Day, so read up..

*On Fridays, the shipping team works shirtless. Enter warehouse with caution or excitement.

Q: How long will it take for my order to arrive?

A: Standard shipping is 3-5 business days .

Q: My order says it was delivered but I haven’t received it?

A: Many times orders are marked delivered when they have really just made it to your hot mailman’s truck. Give it a few business days, make sure you check all around the house and with some of your neighbors, and if they have not arrived 3 business days later contact your local post office.

If your package is protected by Route follow the links above to file a missing package claim.

If you opted out of Route's package protection, then you're up missing-package-creek without a paddle, sorry bud. Better luck next time.