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Frequently Asked Questions:

*Compatible with all Pit Viper models except for The Grand Prix and The Baby Vipes.

**Exciters Prescription Lenses are NOT z87+ ANSI Rated

Cool it with the heavy breathing poindexter, here are some things you'll need to know about prescription Pit Vipers. 


Q: What are Rx Vipers exactly?

A: An interchangeable nose piece that's equipped with your prescription.

Q: Are these for real?

A: Yes, unlike the odds of you having a girlfriend. Rx Vipers are really real. 

Q: What do they look like when inserted into the shades?

A: Same-same, but different.

Q: Can I wear these while I play Dungeons & Dragons?

A: You would play D&D, nerd. 

Q: Do they fit on your face the same as normal glasses would?

A: What does it look like, four-eyes.

Q: Will these give me the courage to finally move out of my parents' basement?

A: I wouldn't push it.

Q: How do I order Rx Pit Vipers?


A: Finally a question we can answer. Order your prescription Pit Vipers here.



Q: Aw, beans, my Rx Vipers are messed up and I need new ones!

A: Smooth moves, ex-lax. You're gonna want to hit up our pals at SVED Optical at support@svedoptical.com.